Get A Free Tree For Earth Day…

ladwp000745-4Or any day for that matter! The LA Dept of Power and Water will give you a free tree to plant just by going to this website and filling out their form. It’s pretty cool. You take a 10 minute informational thing to learn about how to plant and take care of your tree and that’s it. They deliver it for free with stakes, dirt, etc. All you have to do is plant it. Oh yeah, and be a customer of LADWP.

They have all sorts of trees too… from plums to olives to jacarandas. You can get a small, medium or large-growing tree. My yoga teacher, Anthony Benenati at City Yoga, turned me on to this today for Earth Day. He and his wife, Rebecca, have planted four trees in the past four years. Go ahead! Do your part for Earth Day 2009!

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  1. Yeah, first read about this program in Sunset magazine last month. They should be promoting this more.

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