Spotted in Santa Monica: Army of Lawn-ness


What do cows, CHIPS, Merlin, a pirate, geese, deer (elk?), a couple of dogs and a knight in armor have in common? They all have taken up residence on a Santa Monica lawn around the corner from Whole Foods. Click through for a couple of other pictures of piratey goodness.

My apologies for the feeble iPhone pictures. The superabundance of lawn joy took me by surprise.

7 thoughts on “Spotted in Santa Monica: Army of Lawn-ness”

  1. Haha. I saw this two weeks ago, and drove away kicking myself for not taking a pic. I think my mind was more focused on trying to find a running theme between all the statues.

  2. ahhh the pooping dog cutout,classic. what do you suppose it looks like inside the house?

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