BREAKING: Newsom is Running for Governor

gavinnewsomSan Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsom officially announced what we already knew – he is running for Governor of California.

So, what about Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa?

Publicly, we’ve only seen him smile for the camera and tell us how much he loves the job he has. He’s kind of like that girlfriend you once had that was already sleeping with someone else while still living in your house. Bitch.

Give it to us straight, Tony. Are you running or not? We kinda need to plan for our city’s future, with or without you. Thanks.

One thought on “BREAKING: Newsom is Running for Governor”

  1. With these two imperfect guys running, it will be a good thing in one way, I think, with their championing same-sex marriage and their own opposite-sex marital foibles added to the mix of whatever the fuck marriage means these days. Bring back free love! Maybe we need to go from hitching up back to hooking up, as a society.

    I have to find some polls to look at.

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