Annenberg Community Beach House Opens

Annenberg Community Beach House
Annenberg Community Beach House

After 10 years of planning and development the Annenberg Community Beach House in Santa Monica will finally open its doors to the public on Sunday, April 26. No membership required! The pool will be open starting weekends in May.

To celebrate the grand opening, the Annenberg Community Beach House is hosting a grand opening celebration on Saturday, April 25 featuring a performance by Ofrom Cirque du Soleil and tons of other activities including the unveiling of the 36 x 27 Stories of Santa Monica Beach photo exhibit.

The Annenberg Community Beach House is located at 15 Pacific Coast Highway in Santa Monica. Map here. For more information on the Beach House and grand opening celebration, see the City of Santa Monica’s web site:

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  1. Thanks Verdell, I have walked along Palisades Park above and behind the new club many times and keep forgetting to bring the camera along. I really like the design of the place. I know there was a lot of discussion about membership pricing. Too high, and it becomes a de facto exclusive private club. Too low, and, well, you know. I’m looking forward to the opening.

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