Remember the pets in the heat this week

108todayThankfully we have only another day or so of scorching in the Valleys before we cool down. Until then, remember the pets. Especially the outdoor pets. Leave them extra water. If you’re a little fotp* like me, jury-rig some shade with a card table and pull out the inflatable pool so poochy has a place to cool off.

Pic by me of the temp gauge in the City of Industry a bit ago. Yes, it was freaking 108 before 2PM.

*fotp=fotpee or “Fresh outta the trailer park.”

2 thoughts on “Remember the pets in the heat this week”

  1. Thanks for putting this very important reminder out there. Something else to keep in mind if you have rabbits or *ahem* guinea pigs…they can over heat very easily. Freeze a bottle of water and put it in their cage and it will help them keep cool.

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