Restroom art of Los Angeles: Pho 999

I am often intrigued by the art that proprietors decide to hang in their restrooms, particularly in restaurants, though other establishments have their quirks too.  I suppose there is an inherent sample bias here, since I am more likely to stay long enough, and drink enough beverage,  in a restaurant to want to see the restroom than I am in a grocery, clothing store, or other types of establishments.  In fact, I think these quirky choices are worthy of their own new, occasional, series of posts.

A taste of Egypt?!

There is a Vietnamese restaurant I sometimes go to in the Valley, called Pho 999. Apparently the one at 12905 Sherman Way, North Hollywood, is one of three Valley restaurants under the same name and ownership (the other two are in Van Nuys and Reseda).  I have not been to the others, so have no idea about their choice of artwork.  Pho 999 is the sort of place one expects to find situated in a small strip mall, with formica diner tables, and condiments and utensils in a rack on each table.  The food is inexpensive and quite excellent; there are quite a dizzying array of items on the menu, though that basically amounts to every permutation of Pho and Bún, so it is really just a matter of deciding which proteins you want and whether you want broth or dry noodles.

Pho 999 has just one single-occupancy restroom, so either men or women eating at this place can enjoy the same artistic post-culinary selections.

Expose yourself to art

Over the door, we have the wonderfully camp faux-Egyptian painting shown first.  I guess this picture was pulled off the cover of some romance novel set in an exotic ancient locale.  I am not sure exactly what cultural connection we are meant to appreciate between the Pharaohs and Vietnam, but I am happy as a cat lover to be refreshed by this illustration as I wash my hands.  I apologize for the trapezoidal distortion of the image from looking upward to the painting.

On the opposite wall, the proprietors have selected a delightfully familiar art print, that I remember well from childhood in the 1970s.  It is an excellent plea for the virtues of high culture that the youth of today should take heed of, as much as did I and my friends of the punk generation.

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