Powersliding: Incredibly Dumb or Incredibly Awesome

For some reason, people like to create new sports by stripping the equipment from an old one.  For example, my personal peeve: broom ball.  Hockey without the ice skates.  Why this is a mandatory communal dorm field trip, I will never know.  Courtesy the Kogi BBQ truck’s website of all places, here comes a recession-friendly, no-equipment-required sport: powersliding.   Harking back to the time in my childhood when I too grew tired of all the third wheels in my life, powersliding is skateboarding without the skateboard, roller skating/shoe-ing without the rolls.  It’s hell off wheels:


I know, you can’t wait to see this in person! Lucky you, champion powersliders will be at the Third Annual (Third?!) (Annual?!!) Powersliding Competition this afternoon, from 3pm-5pm at the Santa Monica Pier.   Kogi will be there and giving out free combos for the first 450 people.  By “combo,” they mean combo: 3 tacos, 1 burrito, and a drink.  And, hey, Matt & Kim will be there too!  It’s just a few blocks from my apartment, but unfortunately, work duty calls.  Alas.

10 thoughts on “Powersliding: Incredibly Dumb or Incredibly Awesome”

  1. It’s kind of like (parkour|skateboarding|rollerblading) without the fussy requirement of practice, talent or skill. I think these guys are like the social media experts of the urban jungle. Utterly ridiculous and completely useless. Unless of course it’s tongue in cheek and a spoof wherein it’s totally genius but I can’t turn the audio on to listen while at work ;-)

  2. Who knew the stuff I used to do as kid is now a “sport?” I’m waiting for cafeteria tray sledding and running up down escalators next. With no equipment required, these are all perfect sports for the recession.

  3. LOL…..it’s just boys being boys.

    You should’ve seen some of the crazy shit my brothers did when we were growing up.

  4. look at those neat levi’s ! ooh man, i want to go buy some new, skinny levi’s brand denim pantalones!

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