EASTer Meets WESTchester

img_1453This past Sunday afternoon, I went to an Easter gathering in Westchester, attended by a bunch of adults and one lucky five year-old girl. On the ride over, Lincoln Boulevard, Manchester Avenue, and the surrounding local roads were pleasantly empty. The hosts set up an Easter egg hunt for the girl, with at least a dozen hidden eggs. The rest of us egged her on, yar yar, and gave her some helpful hints. The result, as pictured here, took all of about 60 seconds of egg opening to reveal. There were items of candy, figurines (rabbits and Ariel from “The Little Mermaid”), rings, decorative hair accessories, and more. It must be fun to be the only kid at the Easter egg hunt.

5 thoughts on “EASTer Meets WESTchester”

  1. One lucky 5 yr old, until all the eggs were found and opened. Then, she had to sit there. I’m not sure the payout was worth it.

  2. @LM — it was a good reminder that, while many dark and edgy good times are to be had in Los Angeles, sometimes cheerful works too.

    @Lezgull — I dunno, last I saw her, she was being chased around the house by a couple of people in a “capture the scarf” game, and seemed to be enjoying herself very much.

  3. was Easter wine involved with those couple of people to be doing this? lololol. was it you?

  4. It wasn’t me, I promise! But there was plenty of holiday wine, beer, and champagne flowing.

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