El Capitan Theatre kicks Miley Cyrus off sidewalk, claims private property

notmileyOkay, so the headline is only half true.

Blogger Fightin’ Mad Mary writes that she took a co-worker, a dead ringer for Miley Cyrus, to Hollywood Blvd. over the new Hannah Montana movie’s opening weekend. She was immediately welcomed into the inner circle of other costumed characters, complimented by Superman, given tips by Spider-Man on how to get tips, and learned:

Finding a place to hang out as a character is sort of like finding a spot on the beach to claim for the day. You don’t want to be too close to the other characters, so you just kind of find a spot that feels right.

Good advice. Before hitting the Chinese Theatre side of the street, however, they were encountered by less friendly staff at the El Capitan Theatre:

We started on the side of the street in front of the El Capitan theater. Security came out and like a mad hornet they wouldn’t stop buzzing around us until we crossed the street. They claim that the sidewalk in front of the theater is private property and they would call the cops because we were trespassing. That’s a pretty ridiculous claim if you ask me, a public sidewalk is “private” property??? It wasn’t worth arguing with the security guy since the bigger crowd was across the street so we left without incident. 

Mary didn’t disclose how much money Miley made that day, but I’m more curious to know how much the El Capitan Theatre has to pay to own a public sidewalk?

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  1. It’s pretty standard practice for properties to take possession of easements that are seemingly public in nature. Chances are there’s some plaque embedded in front of El Cap stating something along the lines of “Permission to pass is at the discretion of the owner.”

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