Trippin’ It Way-Back Style

In the midst of remodeling/renovation of our 102-year-old Silver Lake craftsman, my wife and I were tasked yesterday with clearing out the dungeon basement to make room for work and machinery that will ultimately be oh-so-glorious central air and heating.

During the course of that fun and dust-choked chore, I happened upon a crumpled-up and very yellowed section of newspaper wedged for reasons unknown between a support beam and the concrete floor of the home’s original front porch. Excavating it tore the aging classified pages up, but afterward I found a fragment that showed it was the Los Angeles Times of Sunday,  Sepember 2, 1945 and later on I sat down with my camera on macro and snapped some of the amazing real estate ads, along with some interesting employment opps, as well as the news that famed conductor Leopold Stokowsi would be twirling the baton that evening at the Hollywood Bowl joined by legendary violinist Isaac Stern in a program of Wagner, Tchaikovsky and more:

Time Capsule: September 2, 1945

Anyway, if you’re in need of a diversion this Monday that’ll take you back 68 63 years or so to the Los Angeles of a couple months after the end of World War II, feel free to browse my Flickr photoset.

5 thoughts on “Trippin’ It Way-Back Style”

  1. This is awesome! There goes my productivity for today. Thanks for sharing this, Will.

    I wish the city of Los Angeles cared as much about preserving history.

  2. What a fantastic find! You could have a little museum exhibit of all of the artifacts you’ve been uncovering.

    I love that it’s a blurb about the Hollywood Bowl!

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