A Classic Eats Special Announcement!

Victory Or Death!
Victory Or Death!

As you’ve been voting for each Classic Eats event, the Hot Dog Death March has come a tantalizing 2nd or 3rd in each poll. You know you want it, but are just a little bit afraid of it.

Man up people! No more pussyfooting around!

We are going to make this happen: the Hot Dog Death March is now a stand alone event.

The date: Saturday June 13
The time: 3pm – time of death
The progression: Pink’s, Oki-dog, Skooby’s, emergency room
The fun: contests, prizes, special guests
The why: WHY NOT?
Go to the official website: Hot Dog Death March
Follow us on Twitter: HDDMLA
Most importantly, please spread the word!

13 thoughts on “A Classic Eats Special Announcement!”

  1. the timing isn’t great for teachers…but is there ever a good time to abuse your colon this way? I say, ZUT ALLORS!

  2. I knew there’d be at least one conflict with our chosen date, but–as Mr. Flower :) said–when is it ever a good time to do something like this? NEVER. That’s why it must be done. Once more into the breach, dear friends!!!

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