8 thoughts on “Ralphs making me ralph”

  1. I loathe Ralphs. And their card. I don’t like having a bunch of cards in the wallet or nonsense on the key chain. Nor am I in the practice of reciting my ph# to the cashier. I also find in general I don’t enjoy trips to Ralphs.

    Ralphs is only good for me for paper products an few various other things. Otherwise I keep to Trader Joe’s and sometimes Whole Foods.

  2. The placement is indeed rank — and through my WTFinoculars I see the placard’s advertising the exhibition at a San Diego venue. Besides zombies, who the hell heading down that aisle to pick up some Healthy Choice entrees is going to see that and say “Fuck yeah!” Let’s drive a couple hours to go check out this show!”

    Mr. Ralphs: Tear Down That Sign!

  3. Errr delightful – not. I don’t know how I feel about the Bodies Exhibition in general. They’re everywhere at the moment, and there are moral/ethical questions aplenty re procurement of those bodies to start with.

  4. I’ve spent more time than I’d care to admit in a San Diego Ralphs over the past week and oddly enough I saw no such sign. Someone needs to fire the guys in advertising!

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