Peep! An Erotic Spring Fling

Art by Gigi Deluxe

Trying to explain a gallery night thrown by the fabulous Miss Heidi ‘Bluegirl’ Calvert is difficult.  Sure, there is art in a gallery and a parade of imaginative performances through out the night.  But the patrons and revelers get into the spirit of things in a big way, almost becoming more of a draw than the canvases on the walls. Her themes are always erotic with a silly twist, inviting people to dig deep into their imagination to pluck forth the most outrageous kernel of creativity they can find.  After all, if there is anything the human animal is creative with – it’s sex.  

In a follow up to her previous show “Booty!” where apple bottoms and pirates came together to spank the high seas, “Peep!” promises to be a perversion of all things Spring.  Taking place on May 2nd at the Infusion Gallery in Downtown L.A., expect wild fashion, shameless displays of flesh and enough shapely bunnies to fool Hef into thinking he’s at home.

Bluegirl Productions Presents

An Erotic Spring Fling!
At Infusion Gallery
719 S. Spring Street
Los Angeles, CA 90014

Saturday, May 2, 2009
9 PM- 1 AM

Peep! Peep! It’s “PEEP!” Avant Guarde Artist/Curator Heidi “bluegirl” Calvert, the CHICK who brought you “BOOTY!” does it again with another of her wacky, sexy art soirees! Expect a wide variety of erotic/themed art, human art, sexy performances, music to groove to, and perhaps even experience a “res-erection”!?!

PEEP! Sexy Bunnies? Hot Chicks? Peeping Toms? Voyeurs? Sticky Marshmallow Treats??

Dress for spring! Wear sexy lingerie/tutus/ruffles in pastel colors, bunny/chick costumes, flowers, PEEPer costume, or any other themed ensemble that gets you in the mood for LOVE and come take a little PEEP! May day! May Day! This party is about creation, and celebrating spring and it’s decent into summer in LA!

Art, Installation and Photography Heidi Calvert, Dean Karr, Debra Haden, Sam Saturday, Paul Torres, Auriana-Lynn, Eban Lehrer, Alan Deforest, Dave Naz, Oriana Small, VK7, Miss Numa, Jezebelle X, GiGi Deluxe, Ed Mironiuk, Cuddly Rigor Mortis, Andrea Young, Shahid Brown, James Groves, more!

Music mixed and curated by SHOK (

Erotic Performances, Human Art, and Puppetry! Feminine Oddities, Kimberlee Rose, Niños de la Tierra and featuring Chicago’s FABULOUS Gigi Deluxe who will be debuting her latex hat designs in LA!

18 and older show, drinks available for 21+ with ID.
$8 donation at the door, only $6 in themed costume
Only $5 no matter what you wear or don’t wear with a stamp from the Hive Gallery!

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  1. In my experience, the reason that the revelers are more of a draw than the canvases at her events is because the art is generally mediocre. However that’s not a problem, as the events thus dispose of the fiction that art openings are about the art when they are really about the party.

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