m_536be579b2ab4514be10146d655646a8l_0044444f6592429d9fdcfa300e309eddI first encountered the spiritual and artistic phenomenon known as Monastic while working on the production staff of  an event.  It was a crazy night.  But I remember making my way through the crowded venue as Monastic took the stage.  Even in the maelstrom of my production obligations, I stopped and soaked up a uniquely exquisite performance that defied explanation.  I was an instant fan.

Monastic is the brain child of the gifted and charismatic Anthony Jones.  He has taken the various spiritual beliefs of the world and melded them with a kind of tribal meets opera aesthetic that can only be described as the sound of heaven showering down love upon the earth.  Adding to his self produced and performed music are various dancers and stilt walkers melting on and off the stage with a dream-like quality.  Being in the audience at a Monastic show is one part transportation into a strange, beautiful new world and one part entering into a deeply spiritual ceremony.  It has to be seen to be truly understood.

For the first time in recent memory, Monastic will take their show out of the night club setting and offer it in a theater.  On May 3rd they will be performing at the Baldwin Performing Arts Center.  Tickets are $10.  The show begins at 7 pm. Because Monastic is a non-profit creative collective, all proceeds from their performances are donated to various charities.

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