Sexy Wrestling Pirates

A Post-Facto Sexy Wrestling Pirate Review

Girlie girl Catfight

THE PIRATE craze of the early 2000’s has died down. The pirates vs. ninjas debate has long been settled by nose-wiping, light-avoiding digital dorm rats years ago. But what happens when pirates take on pirates? For the edification of your eyes (and brainhole) I present to you the second part in the Metalheads Vs. Pirates debate: The Girlie Girl Catfight Show…

Part two: Pirates.

Shiver me timbers
Shiver me timbers

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WRESTLING is stupid. Scratch that. Wrestling is only stupid if Luchadores or scantily clad pirate vixens aren’t pile-driving one another in front of a PBR infused crowd. That’s where the folks of Lucha Va Voom succeed. The wrestling wunderkind behind the lucha libre and burlesque extravaganza brought their chaotically magnificent style to March 27th’s Girlie Girl Catfight Show. The Lucha Va Voom gang has Los Angeles’ burlesque scene in an inverted facelock camel clutch : no one does it better.

Wresting twin Bibi or Fifi Poubelle airborne face attack
Wresting twin Bibi or Fifi Poubelle airborne face attack

It seems like every year that an L.A. based journo makes the claim: “Burlesque is Back!” But in Los Angeles, burlesque is, forgive the term, an old trick. At least in this first quarter of the millennium. Remember when some girl with glasses and tattoos first told you she was a Suicide Girl? Yeah that was about a few weeks after this all started. But for the last few years, Lucha Va Voom has been at the heart of it all. Back in the day, the burlesquers Velvet Hammer cavorted their corsets on runways and stages all around L.A., then they got an idea. Let’s mix sexo y violencia! Then the organizers rolled the show up into an unstoppable snowball with the under-appreciated art of Lucha Libre (aka “free fighting” featuring masked Mexican wrestlers) and Lucha Va Voom was born.

Girly Girl CatfightGirly Girl Catfight

Now with the Girlie Girl Catfight show, Va Voom sets out to take its brand into a new direction. With the hopes of getting their loyal fans to lemming over to these non-Lucha styled performances, Va Voom tries to bring something that has been missing from the L.A. scene: organization.

And it worked. The show at the El Rey sold out, and the raucous piratical crowd lifted their ale (aka, $12 Sellas), to the ladies of mayhem.

Like the Derby Dolls before them, revivals get revived. But what’s up next?

I, for one, await super-rad public autopsies.

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Next Tuesday, we go behind the scenes of Hollywood Hypnotism.

All photos by Drew Tewksbury

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