Wind Silences Hollywood Hills

images-1Ahh weather in LA. Yeah, it’s an anomaly to have anything but sunny skies… so last night’s wind and rain was rather exciting. Even more rad was the huge explosion of sci-fi light and sound it caused in Beachwood Canyon around 8:30 last night.

As we were sitting down for dinner, suddenly the whole canyon exploded in eerie blue light. Crazy jolts of electricity thundered in the air. The lights flickered and for a moment, everything went dark. Then huge arcs of electricity bounced back and forth over the power lines and across the canyon in a spectacular display. Sparks flew everywhere. This went on for at least a minute. I seriously thought we were goners. It was right next to the house and I’ve never seen or felt anything so other oddly worldly. And damn scary. Electrical arcs that huge are pretty awesome.

Then the canyon went dark. It was silent. So unusually peaceful and perfect til the sirens started. Someone must have called 911 because seriously, the firetrucks arrived in under three minutes. I’ve never seen such a quick response.

Once things died down, the presence of silence was simply beautiful. Living in LA you forget what that’s like. No whir of the fridge in the background, no TV, no hum of anything. We finished the night without the computer, without any external input but ourselves and our books.

By 1:30 AM the power company had all the power restored, which was amazing considering the damage done and that it was still wet outside. No matter what, you have to be thankful we live in a city that gets things done pretty damn quickly… between those amazing firefighters and the quick power guys it was a mere 5 hours without power. It also reminded me how little I have on hand to deal with extreme situations, this being earthquake land. Guess I need to check that emergency list cuz I definitely realized I had hardly any flashlights or candles, not to mention extra water.

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  1. Ha. In my world when things explode, I duck and cover. Seriously, it was weird and scary and by the time I figured out what the heck was going on…. the flashing lights were over. Cool though. Very twilight zoney. Maybe next time I”ll think to point and shoot.

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