Paging Dr. Schadenfreude: Open Projector Night at the Hammer

projector_300 Shhh! Don’t tell Dennis Woodruff, but this Thursday night (7/9) at 6:30 pm the Hammer is hosting what they’re calling Open Projector Night.

Hosted by comedian Jason Sklar, the free event will consist of individuals presenting their short films (10 minutes or less) and letting the audience decide how much should be screened.

The Hammer describes the evening as “a cross between open mic night and the Gong Show for locally made film and video shorts” and warn that audiences should “expect rowdiness to ensue.”

First come, first served sign ups start at 6:00 p.m.

This is the perfect opportunity to dash somebody’s hopes and dreams. And just in time for Easter!

Image by libraryman via Flickr.