Songs About Los Angeles: “Beverly Hills” by Circle Jerks

Beverly Hills, century city
everything’s so nice and pretty
All the people look the same
don’t they know they’re so damn lame

I heard those lyrics for the first time when a friend gave a cassette he’d copied of punk stuff that was supposed to be good to skate to. It was the mid 80’s and I was living just outside Dallas, Texas and I blame them for being one of the first “LA must suck” thoughts that was burned into my head at very young age. I figured that seeing as how Circle Jerks were from LA they had to know if it sucked or not, right? Of course all these years later I know that LA not only doesn’t suck, but is pretty much the greatest place on the planet. It’s just Beverly Hills and Century City that suck.

I looked all over to find a video of this song, and the best one I could find is this live one from ’85 at a show they played in New Jersey. It’s actually two songs back to back, “I Just Want Some Skank” followed up by “Beverly Hills” so you’ll have to skip ahead if you only want to hear the latter. On the upside, this might be the only band in this series that will allow 2 songs to be posted in a video that is under a minute and a half long. Enjoy!


6 thoughts on “Songs About Los Angeles: “Beverly Hills” by Circle Jerks”

  1. I believe they perform that song in “The Decline of Western Civilization”.

  2. Keith lives in Los Feliz, just saying. I see him all the time. Still poignant for me after all these years being a young punk, Beverly Hills still sucks, always will. Fuck those douchebags.

    Circle Jerks were the band of my time and although the content was rather simple, it still works. Except for “Junk Mail”.

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