Help Spend Stimulus Cash for Los Angeles

Over on his blog Eric Garcetti is asking for your help with the Federal Stimulus money that LA is receiving and hopes to receive – which according to the post might be up to $1 Billion. No pinky in mouth needed for that. Eric is talking about the recently formed Los Angeles City Council’s Ad Hoc Committee on Economic Recovery and Reinvestment committee and says:

This committee will make sure we leave no stone unturned when it comes to identifying and winning federal stimulus dollars and will be working closely with the Mayor’s Office and City Departments to coordinate our efforts to bring badly needed federal money to Los Angeles…

As I work to make Los Angeles a model for quick, effective and accountable implementation of stimulus dollars, I’d welcome your input. What projects would you like to see us target? Where can we get the most bang for the buck and how else can cities lead the way toward economic recovery?

Have any suggestions?

2 thoughts on “Help Spend Stimulus Cash for Los Angeles”

  1. 1. extend metro trains into sgv and oc, extend bike lanes
    2. housing and care facilities for the homeless instead of just ignoring them
    3. anything but a new football team.

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