The All-Addiction Film Fest

blue-syringeIf there’s one thing I love more than movies, it’s drugs, and when you’re talking movies about drugs–well, I’m in. Beginning April 7 and running every Tuesday for eight weeks, the Silent Movie Theater is screening the all-addiction film festival, hosted by Writers in Treatment (where do you think that WIT comes from anyway?). If you couple that with the Silent Movie Theater’s post-punk junk series on Thursdays, I’m pretty much in heaven. What doesn’t kill us, entertains us. The last time I was at the Silent Movie Theater it was to seeĀ  The Punk Rock Movie and they gave out cans of Tecate at the door. I have tickets to go see Permanent Midnight next week. I fear to think what they’ll be passing out for that one. The all-addiction (aka Reel Recovery) schedule together with my kibitzing after the jump.

4/7: Permanent Midnight: One of those movies you know was written by someone who’s been there. I love this film.

4/14: Lost Weekend: Another great. Best film, director, actor and screenplay in 1945

4/21: Leaving Las Vegas: Feh. This one is the weak link in my opinion. I just felt like “hurry up and die will you”

4/28: Sid and Nancy: Gary Oldman as Sid Vicious–need I say more?

5/5: Days of Wine and Roses: Jack Lemmon rock in this. Another great classic.

5/12: Less Than Zero: I admit I have never actually seen this one, but Robert Downey Jr as a junky is certainly bound to be believable I’m thinking..

5/19: Barfly: I find it impossible to read this title without thinking of it as an adverb like “He barfly looked our way” or “He’d had too much too drink and barfly staggered to the bathroom.”

5/26: : Ivans xtc: I’d not heard of this oneĀ  but the Reel Recovery page explains that it’s based on Tolstoy’s “The Death of Ivan Ilyich” set in LA.

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  1. I love the Silent Movie theatre…even when I don’t have an interest in a particular genre I still like reading about them….and for some series it is a crowd watcher’s paradise. For one particular film I didn’t buy in advance (I learned my lesson!) but I was on the standby list, so I waited. The wait was worth it,both for the films and the crowd. AND….a real big thing in the area: they have use of a parking lot nearby…with the parking meters running later and the price of tickets going up, free parking is worth so much more…I know that sounds strange (oxymoron?) but it’s true.

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