Saving Water Beautifully in West Los Angeles

desertfront4On my morning constitutional one day last week, I was awake enough to notice there are four, count them four, houses within a two block span that have gorgeous water saving front yards. I took photos with my phone cam so the photos don’t do the yards justice, I’m afraid.

These gardens have inspired me to find more succulents to plant and to continue to keep my sprinklers off (they have been since January). 

In case you think drought tolerant plants and gardens can’t be pretty, I offer up four examples of “You are so wrong.” Here is the first (on the right), leap frog past the jump for the rest. 



I want to sneak a lawn gnome in this one:


This one looks sparse, but has much to catch your eye: 


Here’s another angle on it:


This one is my favorite:


4 thoughts on “Saving Water Beautifully in West Los Angeles”

  1. Great post and with the emphasis on the “right” plants IE Mediterranean and So Cal natives you can recreate the classic “Cottage Garden” without wasting water in the process.

  2. These remind me of the yards in Arizona. They are pretty cool. We’re seriously considering an artificial lawn.

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