Final Night for By:Co-astal performance art series.

Saving the best for last “Queen Skittles” of Doo-dah fame unveils two new photo series.

Prince Dino

Julie Klima is “Queen Skittles” of Doo-dah Parade fame,  and following in the foot steps of her predecessors is donating time and energy to local causes.  The By:Co-astal series ends tonight  at the PDG Warehouse.  As with the prior performances around LA the proceeds from the admissions will go to support local charities.  Queen Skittles favorite recipient is  the Children’s Hospital. 

By:Co-astal is a multi-artist, performance art installation that was done earlier at another locations in the LA this last weekend.  There is music with dance performances that eventually lead you into the art installation featuring Julies work.    Tonight is the last chance to see the show as it moves to New York for the final installation and performance there on the 7th.  (More info and pics after the jump.

Princess JoAnn
Princess JoAnn



Julie has two series that will be unveiled this week.  First is “Queen Skittles – My Royal Court”.  The funny part for me in this is “Prince Dino” is someone I know from my volunteer work with the Monrovia Association of Fine Arts.  We really do meet the most amazing people when we volunteer.    Dino is one such person, great artist in his own right and actually taught my daughter oil painting.

The other is a documentary series shot in Pasadena that has not yet been named and in the early stages of its creation.   

DEETS: April 4, 2009, 8PM.  PDG Warehouse, 2485 Hunter, Los Angeles CA 90021  Admission $20 (students $15) and can pre pay with PayPal.


In-n-Out Documentary #1
In-n-Out Documentary #1
Countrywide Documentary #2
Countrywide Documentary #2

All pictures provided by Julie Klima and used with her permission.  She shoots on silver and digitized for use here, the real images are best viewed on their natural silver based media.

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  1. Thanks, Fraz, for the post about my show!

    I named my documentary photo series/installation that’s up tonight, “Psychedelic Family Breakdown”. I won’t take credit for coming up with that, however, because one of the guys from the Poor Dog Group walked by the work when I finished and said that’s what came to mind when he viewed my installation. I loved it and stole it :)

    Whoever is reading this post, I hope to see you all tonight!

    Queen Skittles
    32nd Occasional Pasadena Doo Dah Parade
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