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I began having back issues in December of last year.   Believe it or not it was from sitting in front of a computer for hours and writing.  I think I wrote more last year than any other time in my life.  As 2009 unfolded, the situation grew into a pinched nerve that radiated through my shoulder and all the way down my arm.  Eventually I was in so much pain I had begun popping Vicodin like candy.  That is when I began my search for a chiropractor and found All Ages Chirporactic Center in North Hollywood.

Within two visits I was immediately feeling better and it was more than just being out of pain.  After months of depression brought on by the economy, I felt centered and cheerful.  I’ve been a believer in chiropractic for years.  My parents published a very successful magazine on the topic that I spent some time here and there working on too.  But I never realized how interconnected our bodies were until this experience.  It has been life changing.

The people working at All Age Chiropractic along side Dr. Michael Blum are unique, warm and concerned about the well being of their patients.  I was stressed about the money I’d have to dish out with no insurance and they worked with me, putting my health before finances.  It’s been a long time since I’ve experienced health care that was about making people better rather than a bottom line.  Dr. Michael Blum is a charming, extremely experienced chiropractor who doesn’t add a bunch of crazy treatments to a patient’s visit.  No one tried to get me to buy BioFreeze or do anything that wasn’t directly about untangling the mess in my neck and back causing pain.

If you decide to give All Ages Chiropractic a try, don’t be put off by the location or the building.  What’s inside the modest little structure is real and is concerned with your health.  In a country where healthcare is a billion dollar industry most of us can’t afford without insurance (and sometimes even that isn’t enough), there is still a little oasis to be found where human beings come first.

4 thoughts on “All Ages Chiropractic Center”

  1. Nice review, and I’m glad you’re feeling better. Being in pain renders everything around you meaningless–you can’t pay attention to anything but how shitty you feel. Good to know you found people who can actually help.

  2. I love my DC. S. Brad Miller in Arcadia for similar reasons plus he takes a holistic approach to living and comes up with interesting things to add to your daily living. Taking away some stuff too. The end result is well adjusted bones and body.

  3. I sit at a computer all day too, and have a similar pinched nerve situation going on. Dr Debra Pear at Chiropractic West in Santa Monica has been a great help.

  4. Sitting and typing at the computer will cause a lot of problems if you do it for too long. How long is too long? Well if you don’t get up at least three times per hour, I would think that is too long.

    At a stretch victorialane, what is the longest you sat down and typed? Have you changed your routine or continue to do the same amount of sitting and typing?

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