Ring stuck on your finger? Call the fire department!


Add this to the “you learn something new every day” file, which I’m sure is filled exclusively with things you read on Metblogs. Right? Yeah. So, anyway. My friend Souris is growing a spawn inside her body, which apparently results in bloating, which apparently results in rings getting stuck on your finger if you don’t remove them ahead of time. This can be a problem, and one that a bunch of people have it seems. What to do? Well, turns out the fire department will cut the thing off for you free of charge. Souris called jewlers-a-plenty to no avail but the SMFD hooked her right up. Here’s her story.

3 thoughts on “Ring stuck on your finger? Call the fire department!”

  1. I’ve had to do that for a number of patients. I always feel so bad doing it, but luckily they’re mostly easily repaired like new at the jewelers. If you’re like me however and have some crazy metal in your ring, it’s quite a process, and might not be repairable.

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