ICME: Easter Bugs

easterbugsThe whole Easter Poops thing was bad enough, but at least funny, but Easter Bugs? I think holiday merchandising has jumped the shark. What say you?

(Pic grabbed at the Pavilions market here in outer monrovia with the cell cam).

6 thoughts on “ICME: Easter Bugs”

  1. As a kid I devoured slime candy with worms and watched people trade Garbage Pail Kids. These bugs and bees are a “cute/tame” idea :). NOW if they packaged Killer Bees and Bed bugs easter candy…hmmm (CFL lighting over head)

  2. But “easter bugs” c’mon…cute bunny’s that we decapitate bite by bite starting at the ears I can deal with. I even liked “roadkill candy” but it wasn’t attached to easter.

  3. well at least it isnt jesus chocolates, although i’m sure that exists. They didnt make very special edition Road Kill easter candy with flat bunnies? Boy they missed the mark on that one.

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