ICME: Big Red Boot Car in Burbank

Burbank's Red Boot Car by Jodi
Burbank's Red Boot Car by Jodi

This driveable car, in the shape of a red hiking boot, has actually caught my eye for several years now. It typically sits outside of Victor’s Shoe Repair on Verdugo Ave. in Burbank, just west of Hollywood Way. In the past several months, the boot has occasionally been parked in front of Milt & Edie’s Drycleaners on the corner of ┬áPass and Alameda, also in Burbank.

I’m not sure why this vehicle continues to provide me amusement, but it does. And oh how I’d love to get my hands on the keys and take it for a spin some day!

4 thoughts on “ICME: Big Red Boot Car in Burbank”

  1. There’s also the one that parks on Santa Monica in West LA in front of the shoe store (near the West LA library branch). There’s another one in Long Beach, too.

  2. The Big Red Shoe! I love the Big Red Shoe! I drive by it at least a few times a week while trying to avoid traffic on the 101 via Verdugo Avenue.

  3. Yes but at least the Red Bull car means that somebody is distributing free Red Bull drinks….

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