Renderings of the original tweeters

cambrasPop Flock, Cheryl Cambras’s crochet sculptures of small and enormous colorful birds and everyday objects, are in the windows at Mercado on Sunset in Silver Lake. The LA-based artist, Nebraska-born and with an MFA in Film from the Art Institute of Chicago, makes films, sculpture and music. 102 of her crocheted budgies were included in Machine Project’s recent Field Guide to LACMA exhibit at the museum.

Cambras’s yarn sculptures are precise, sterile and speak to a detached, yet somehow cuddly, sensibiity. After seeing her films on her site, I was curious about how she approached the non-fibrous medium. She told me in an email,

I’m drawn to the absurd. My films tend to be darker than my sculptural work, visually and thematically. I explore the dream lives of seemingly ordinary people and things.

Similar to my sculptural work, my film plots and characters are presented fairly minimally, pared down. The characters tend to be tightly wound, virtually suspended, due to some fear; their stories come from their search for release.

Pop Flock will be at Mercado through Monday, April 20th; 3517 W. Sunset Blvd. LA 90026.

Her super short film, louise and fred, after the click.


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  1. Cheryl taught me to crochet in a class at Machine Project. I didn’t get to go to the LACMA event because I was frantically crocheting and crafting other things for Felt Club the next day, where I sold the crocheted critters I designed. Cheryl rocks!

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