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I’ve written before about classes I’ve taken that fill my head with extremely vital info that I don’t know how I lived without. In sharing those stories I’d be lying if I said that the searing jealousy from friends who wish they also learned the sekrit skillz wasn’t half the charm. That said, I’m currently directly that same searing jealousy at the recent hires for Intelligentsia‘s soon to open Venice location who are currently buried in the grounds of Barista bootcamp being taught by Kyle Glanville. This is a class I’d kill to take (and I know how to do that too) if it was offered to the public. Sadly, it’s top secret or something. Luckily, schmuks like you and me can follow along on the recently more active blog:

3393650945_e05b8def7a_mKyle led the Venice Nine through a full day of basic coffee introduction…starting with a line up of fruit.

Easy, breezy…eat a piece and describe what you’re eating without mentioning the fruit itself. (And saying “plantain” for banana will get you a stink eye)

Measure the acidity of the pineapple. Measure the sweetness. Compare it to the honeydew. Compare it to the grape. Now we’re talking. Suddenly, you can taste hints of almonds in a banana. Or Earl Grey tea in the blood orange. Seriously. The world gets more interesting when you stop to think about things.

Damn that sounds cool. I want in. Seriously. Please?

2 thoughts on “Intelligentsia Bootcamp”

  1. Back in the day, Starbucks used to offer decent training days for new hires. They shrank and they shrank and I don’t know what they consist of anymore. But they made us better baristas, better customer-service agents, and better ambassadors for the product.

    That training taught me a lot of about the palate and how to appreciate and describe tastes. I’ve only become more of a ridiculous, high-faluting, pretentious absurdity since then, and it’s wonderful.

    In the past few years, I’ve heard great things about barista boot camps in Portland and through Intelligentsia. I would absolutely love to spend a day in one of those classes.

  2. My husband is one of those recent hires! But that’s all I can say about as, alas, it’s very top secret ;)

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