Ranks Los Angeles 19th Best City out of 29 has come out with its 2009 “Top 29: Best Cities to Live In” (phrase-ending preposition included at no charge), and Los Angeles ranks number 19.   We came in just behind Vienna, Austria, and well behind American cities Miami (16), New York (6) (attention East Coast haters, I’m just the messenger), San Francisco (3) (SF haters, see previous instruction), and the winner, Chicago.

The rankings were based on a number of categories: 2009 Liveability (shouldn’t it be “Livability”?), Sports & Entertainment, Culture, Fashion, Health, Power & Money, Dating & Sex, and The Good Life.  Hey, it sounds like the Trivia Bowl.  Perhaps not surprisingly, Los Angeles had a perfect score in the Dating & Sex category (we would probably be off the charts if that were possible), but our score for 2009 “Liveability” was quite low.  Assuming that “Liveability” is based on such factors as the cost of living (housing, food, auto insurance, etc.), density/sprawl, traffic, and public transportation, then it seems our ranking in that category is deserved.’s description of Los Angeles, however, is wholly positive, citing our weather first, followed by “beautiful, intelligent and most importantly single women from all parts of the country.” About these women, states “[m]ost are just looking for a good time in the sun and maybe a shot at fame.” If that’s true, then I guess they don’t deduct points for shallowness. Other strong points include “plenty of lucrative job opportunities in Hollywood,” and that we’re both “arguably the live music capital of the world” and a never-dull “sports epicenter.”

The survey also included the following unit of measurement: “Average cost of a pint of beer in a bar in this city.”  In Los Angeles, that price is listed as $6.50, well above the $4.48 average for all 29 cities on the list.  Perhaps that’s what makes Los Angeles so unlivable for men.  Now excuse me while I go find a nice Chicago girl and lure her into my Hollywood den of sin with the promise of “a shot at fame.”

(h/t to The Huffington Post)

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