Advance screening of “Bruno” tonight at the New Beverly

No, you can't touch his monkey.
No, you can't touch his monkey.
(Los Angeles) Fresh on the heels of receiving a preliminary NC-17 rating, Sascha Baron Cohen’s “Bruno” is having an advance sneak peek at 7:30pm tonight at the New Beverly Cinema. Tickets are $7, cash only, no advance sales. First come first serve!

(while not confirmed, I heard a rumor that Bruno himself and/or the director may show up for a post film q&a).

The internationally shot mockumentary has at least a few scenes reportedly shot in Los Angeles, including footage of the gay title character crashing a Prop 8 rally last November (the protestors were unwitting participants in the filming), or his infiltrating the set of NBC’s “Medium” as an unruly extra (reportedly by claiming to be a cousin of the network’s president).

The New Beverly is at 7165 W. Beverly.

BTW, in case you missed it, my video tour of the New Beverly’s projection booth¬†from Monday.

5 thoughts on “Advance screening of “Bruno” tonight at the New Beverly”

  1. is this foolin’ around? or does anybody have some confirmation of this? El Coyote is standing by to distract me from the depression that comes with disappointment, but still…

  2. Yes, a complete and total joke. April Fools and all.

    But, I did seriously hear a rumor that Dustin Hoffman could show up tonite for Ishtar… merely a rumor.

  3. Shouldn’t the New Bev bill also include “Waterworld,” a/k/a “Fishtar”?

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