Getting CERT’ed

It’s fair to say that after reading Emergency I’ve been looking at things a little different and considering a bunch of “what if” situations. One thing that stuck with me was the repeated assurances by rescue workers and authorities that when things go wrong most likely they will NOT be there to take care of you. I’ve actually heard this before first hand but the book was a good reminder.

final_cert_logoBecause of that I thought it would be worth it to look into LA’s Community Emergency Response Team and see about their free training. Turns out I wasn’t the only one looking and starting in May I and several of the authors here are going to be taking their 7 week course and getting our CERT certification. We talk a lot about being prepared for earthquakes and disasters on this site but that usually ends with lists of things you should have in a kit at your house. I’m thinking actual hands on training for these situations will be much more useful.

If you’d like to join us, we’re taking the classes in Silver Lake that start 5/5, however if there are classes closer to you I’d recommend those instead, you know, because of the whole “community” part of it. Plus, those green vests are just dope.

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  1. We’re taking the CERT training right now. It’s awesome, full of extremely useful practical info, well worth the time. The freaky part is: when disaster strikes, emergency services will be overwhelmed, so you’ll be on your own = you’d better be prepared and ready.

    One thing though: the LAFD trainers go over materials and info real fast — way too fast for us “average civilians.” There is a very useful and resourceful training manual, which is not always distributed (it was not in our series of classes.) I definitely recommend that you check it for in-depth info and reminders:

    Kudos to LAFD for organizing those classes.

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