Mom chaperone Twitters school field trip

Blogger Debbie Lopez is Twittering a 2nd grade field trip she’s chaperoning to the La Brea Tar Pits.

The average reader may not be too interested in updates such as, “Passing out bananas for snacks” or “We’re getting on the bus figuring out our seating arrangements,” but faculty of Beckford Elementary and the student’s parents may appreciate the microblogging of the day’s events… especially with updated notes on when the kids will be back at the school for pickup, safe and sound.

A very cool example of what Twitter can be used for.

One thought on “Mom chaperone Twitters school field trip”

  1. This really is cool for the people directly involved. When I signed up for Twitter my first post was something like, “Trying to figure out if this will be useful or just excessive navel gazing.” For me, it’s mostly navel gazing; I can’t imagine anyone is interested in at least 85% of my tweets. On the other hand, this is a really useful application of the service.

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