Whole Life Times gets a whole lot greener…think of it that way.

[Edit: 2011: It is with great pleasure that I get to announce WLT is back in print and on newsstands around the southland. Former publisher Abigail Lewis re-entered the scene and rescued the publication from going web-only. What a delight it is to see something come BACK into print instead of going OUT!  -Lucinda]

Longtime LA publication Whole Life Times, recently folded into  “Conscious Enlightenment”  Media, is joining the ranks of local pubs that are quitting the print game.  Their last print issue will be in April.

WLT provided a great resource for local info on eco-responsible businesses, individuals and ideas. It will apparently continue online, but firsthand experience has taught me to be skeptical about the longevity of such endeavors. I’m personally bummed because I did a fair amount of writing for them, and the editors were fantastic to work with and really cared about the “green scene” in LA.

You can find their second-to-last print issue, for March, on stands now at most health food stores, yoga studios and Whole Foods throughout LA.

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