15 thoughts on “Spotted in Reseda: Please Go Slow”

  1. According to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, a federal institution, 34,502 people died on this nation’s roads from January 2007 through Ocotber 2008. Do you still think a ridiculous home-made “Please Slow Down – Patience is Safety” notice is the equivalent of a “kick me” sign? Seriously? That kind of aggression is needed on the roads to add to what’s already clear and present? Just imagine it being turned back on you, maybe someone doesn’t like your Obama/Biden bumper sticker and thinks of it as a “kick me” sign or maybe they don’t like your McCain bumper sticker or the color of your hair and they think, “Hey, that’s a kick me sign if ever there was one.” Good luck with that, I’ll see you in the ICU.

  2. As a counter point to Rodger, my husband and I were once driving behind a similar car with large warning signs that said “Stay back” and “Slow Down” etc. We were on Willoughby, a narrow-ish 2 lane street. You can’t go that fast when there are lots of cars on Willoughby. We were following the car at a normal, safe, reasonable distance and the guy in the car was going nuts. He kept turning around and looking at us, he kept honking and slamming on the breaks, then would speed up to get away from us, inevitably coming to a stop sign where we would pull up and wait, you know, like you do when you are driving. He kept flipping out, looking at us, braking, speeding up, waving his arms. Kinda nuts. The point to my story is, you can put all the safety signs you want on your car, but that doesn’t necessarily make you the safe driver.

  3. Oh, don’t get me started on “Child In Car.” Because, of course, I drive like a maniac most of the time without a care in the world for *adult* human life or property, but the presence of a child…now, that’s a game changer. Thanks for alerting me to that, because now I’m going to slow down and be extra cautious. Normally I don’t mind causing accidents with my crazy driving, but if there’s a precious child present…
    Wait…I got started, didn’t I?

  4. Imagine if they have kids how mortified they are to get rides in the “Patience-is-Safety”-mobile. “Yeah, mom, could you drop me off here? I can walk the remaining six blocks. Noogie-avoidance is safety.”

  5. I have no problem with the message, even if it is a bit hokey. But shouldn’t it read “Please Go Slowly”?

  6. what a freaking idget…as if it provokes anything other than contempt or a giggle.

    And yes Burns!, don’t get me started on those stupid “baby on board” stickers. Those are simply a warning to others that a braindead-nerve wracked-homicidal-undermedicated suburban mom is at the wheel and likely will do anything to anyone who gets to close. I prefer to honk when I see one of those stoooopid things. They were idiotic in the 80’s when they first appeared and are just as stupid now.

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