ICME: Caution?

Clickably bigger, but really, why bother?
Clickably bigger, but really, why bother?
What exactly is on offer here?
What exactly is on offer here?

Truthfully, this post should really be titled “ICMIT-Y-OE: It Caught My Inner Twelve-Year-Old’s Eye.” As previously mentioned, I think my inner 12-year-old is an outty.

I’m sure everyone has seen signs like the one on the left around Los Angeles. They are found on lots of streets, mostly residential, where large speed bumps are used to slow the flow of traffic. In fact, there are several of these bumps and signs near my neighborhood in Silver Lake.

The one that really caught my eye, though, is the one on the right. While there are several “Bumps” signs throughout the neighborhood, to my knowledge there is only one sign like the one on the right. The former is clearly a caution to slow down for a potential road hazard, while the latter appears to be a warning (an offer?) of something else entirely.

13 thoughts on “ICME: Caution?”

  1. Whenever I see “HUMPS” painted on the road I get that Beatles song in my head. “Why Don’t We Do It In The Road?” In fact, please rename your post this now.

  2. @ evan: Apparently, you can find humps all over. Michael Hunt Drive, though? Now, that’s something special.

    @travis: I know I’m mixing something up in the translation, but I am going to think of the ones on my street as “humping policemen.”

    @MissRFTC: I may never turn down my street again without hearing the Beatles.

    @annika: Of course! I hadn’t even made the connection…it’s “Hump Day!” Damn. Now I’m wishing I had mentioned something about that in the original post. You win.

  3. I see the signs all the time in Santa Monica, and never thought twice about them. I guess my inner child is at least 15.

  4. I couldn’t get through all the info on that .pdf, because I kept giggling every time I read “speed hump.” That Eric Garcetti certainly is a handsome devil though, isn’t he?

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