icme:splling error


wet pavement AHAED
wet pavement "AHAED"

Spotted this gem in Pasadena on (new) York Avenue near a construction zone and where some filming was going on a few blocks east of Lake.  Someone in the sign department needs to have a remedial spelling class, or this was let loose just to remind us how much help CA schools really need.  

Pic grabbed by my daughter on the trusty cell cam.

5 thoughts on “icme:splling error”

  1. Actually, around Pasadena, I’ve just learned that any road works signs are really just code for filming ahead.

  2. You are correct on the street name, for so long we called it “york short” as its the short cut around Pasadena at night to avoid the freeways I forgot its proper name. I beg your forgiveness, its about the sign remember? ;)

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