Correctly Guess Today’s Election Turnout, Win Something Of Little Or No Value!

If you happen to reside and abide in the 26th State Senate District, you may or may not have heard that there is a special election today to fill the seat previously occupied by Mark Ridley-Thomas who was newly minted as an L.A. County Supervisor in that other election held March 4.

I previously wonder-huffed as to why the two elections couldn’t have been combined and it turns out they could have been had Gov. Shwarzenfailure made it so, but he didn’t because the $2.2 million that this election is costing is that much less that needs to be spent on the homeless or bike infrastructure or park rangers or textbooks.

Anyway, there are eight candidates vying for the post (or just hoping to finish in the top two for the inevitable May 19 run-off), from a motorcycle mama to a surfing rabbi to a trio of African-American candidates whose campaign mailers don’t fail to showcase photographs of them shoulder-to-shoulder with the President of the United States of America. Info on the octudates can be found here at

With 369,000 registered voters in the rambling district, my man Zach over at LAist and I agree that voter turnout is going to be ridonkulously abissmal.  In the comments to his post yesterday Zach’s hazarded a guess around the 25,000 mark. I’m going be just slightly less realistic and offer up 35,000. Since I’m already ashamed I’ll literally be blown away if we see ballots cast into the double digits.

What say you? Drop your prognistication in the comments and whoever comes close to the official tally will win a sticker or something.

8 thoughts on “Correctly Guess Today’s Election Turnout, Win Something Of Little Or No Value!”

  1. I going to go low. Most of my neighbors don’t even know about the election. The poll workers seemed shocked to see me this morning (at 7:45, I was the second voter of the day).

    I say 8,600.

  2. It sounds like LA keeps the power structure intact by holding off period elections counting on crony vote and apathy in general to keep down opposition voting. Just like my little corner that is holding its election in 3 more weeks.

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