Win Tix to Tricky at the Fonda 3/25

The mercurial Massive Attack contributor and iconoclastic solo artist Tricky is swingin’ thru the Left Coast stateside, and this is a rare opportunity to check him out live. trickyHe’ll be playing at the Fonda this Wednesday with Echo Park locals and openers We Are The World (which are themselves a fantastic group of performers, so get there early). Wanna win tickets? Tell me your favorite piece of music by Tricky and why you love it so much. We’ll pick a few winners…and if you use Seemsic to post a video response, below, you’re WAY more likely to win. I’m just sayin’.

Info on the show is here.

9 thoughts on “Win Tix to Tricky at the Fonda 3/25”

  1. I was a 7th grader when I first heard Christiansands off of the Pre-millennium tension album. I was completely mesmerized by the sound. I had never heard anything like it. Then I heard Nearly God’s song Poems with Tricky and I was even more blown away. It was upon hearing Tricky and Nearly God that I realized that there was a whole other genre of music that I needed to explore. Trip-hop and electronica were new genres of music that Tricky pretty much opened me up to. I’ve been a fan ever since but have yet to see him in concert…the timing is never right! In short, Tricky’s been pretty influential in my love for electronic music. He holds a special place in my heart.

  2. makes me wanna die {seesmic_video:{“url_thumbnail”:{“value”:””}”title”:{“value”:”makes me wanna die “}”videoUri”:{“value”:””}}}

  3. would have to say “I LIKE THE GIRLS” the beats and the rhymes are dirty dirty yet so hypnotizing..pumps me up whenever im about to roll out on a night on the town..just a ordinary dude that hooks up with the snotty classy ladies who think they are better than evryones else but they are actually a lower class..BOOM BOOM

  4. Massive Attack and Tricky (ok and Portishead) have always been the strongholds in the trip hop section of my CD collection since even as the genre was created. “Lounge” had yet to even exist. And without fail, whenever I went through a breakup and hated boys or the idea of feeling an inkling for one (or a few) I would turn to the beats, the haunting melodic overlay and Martina’s gentle-yet-matter-of-fact words in Overcome(Maxi
    nquaye) The steady but intricate movements of the song plodded me alomg to the next place I needed to get to. Don’t wanna be on top of your list… Please give me tickets-I’m just too emotionally involved. ;)

  5. much better now. {seesmic_video:{“url_thumbnail”:{“value”:””}”title”:{“value”:”much better now. “}”videoUri”:{“value”:””}}}

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