Classic Eats #4: Have You Voted Yet?

classiceats2Have you voted for Classic Eats #4 yet? April 4th is the date, you get to choose the place.

As of Friday morning, Classic Hollywood Cocktails and Pasadena Bound were neck and neck.

Click here to go to the survey and make your choice.

UPDATE: As of 4:30 pm on Saturday 3/21, Hot Dog Death March is in the lead, followed very closely by Hollywood Cocktails.

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Hot Dog Death March – Of all the things there are to argue about in LA (eastside/westside, car/bike, subway) nothing seems to get people’s dander up more than Pinks vs. Skooby’s. Will the argument be forever quieted if we all go for a final decision? Hell no. But it could be fun to try. And just to throw that LA curveball, Oki-Dog has been included. (Bring your own Pepto.)

Old Hollywood Cocktails – You’ve driven past Musso & Frank Grill on Hollywood Blvd, you’ve seen it in the movies and it’s been around since 19 freakin’ 19! Have you ever gone in? The Formosa cafe has *only* been around since 1939 and has landmark status.

Musso & Frank Grill
The Formosa Cafe

Giant Donuts – LA is not about subtlety. Hence the donut shops that sport GIANT DONUTS as part of their architecture. Randy’s is near LAX and Donut King II is on Western and was recently visited by a few intrepid Metblog readers/writers. And while the Donut Hole in La Puente fits into this category, it is a bit out of the way. We’ll have to go on a special trip!

Randy’s Donuts
Donut King II

Los Mexicanos – El Cholo was established in 1923 but moved to it’s most famous spot on Western, once the western most boundary of Los Angeles, in 1927. (Western was, back then, truly the West side!) They have been serving Nachos (They claim the first place to make them in LA) and margaritas ever since. Lucy’s El Adobe is more famous for famous people coming there before (and after) they were famous. Jerry Brown and Linda Ronstadt canoodled there, the Eagles when they were mere hatchlings, and many an actor working across the street at Paramount or at Raleigh Studios.

Since the location is a bit far between both these locations, the poll will have you vote for one or the other.

El Cholo
Lucy’s El Adobe

Pasadena Bound – I’ve heard tell of the legendary Pies and Burgers at a place called Pie ‘n Burger. I must admit that any place with a ” ‘N” in the name intrigues me. They’ve been open and in the same spot since 1963. Apparently there is a waitress who’s worked there since they opened! That is loyalty. And despite the name, they do serve much more than just pies and burgers.

Pie ‘n Burger

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  1. Any update on the voting? And yeah, I know Johnny Rockets ain’t vintage, just giving a reference point. I’m vintage.

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