Venice Bars Are Full of Rules

photo.jpgI spotted this sign outside of one of those beachy bars on Washington in Venice Beach and all I can say is WTF. Clearly the bar owners have some bias against recently fat people who spent all their hard earned money on a miracle weight loss program and haven’t been able to afford a new wardrobe yet. And what’s up with the bandannas thing? Look, every one of us feels bad for dogs who have hippes and beach bums for owners who think tying a banadanna around their neck is cute, but it’s not the dogs fault! Sure it looks like hell and makes you want to just rip the thing off yourself but the dog didn’t pick that out, the owner is to blame. They should ban anyone who thinks that bandannas as dog collars are a good idea, don’t punish the dogs for something they have no control over. That said I can totally support the sweat suits thing, anyone who leaves the house wearing one should be ostracized and made to feel as uncomfortable by society as possible until they run home and change into something less stupid.

10 thoughts on “Venice Bars Are Full of Rules”

  1. The best part is the jaunty, hand-spray painted look of the sign, meant to convey an atmosphere of casual fun. “Here are the rules. Now have fun, dammit!”

  2. As stupid as this looks I completely understand what they are trying to do. Though, I doubt the people they are trying to keep away would bother coming in to make a purchase.

    In the late eighties/early nineties I used to ride with a bunch of bikers and we’d always end up at Coffee & Sympathy in Venice to drink, hang out and talk about bikes. After being caught in the crossfire of a Blood’s-Crip’s shootout the rule of the day became “be outta Venice before 4:30.” because thats when the homies rolled on up. You could tell it was time to go when 5-6 police cruisers showed up every Sunday afternoon and took up preliminary positions.

    Dude, it was some scary shit taking cover at the beach and being cut off from your bike and a way out.

  3. Also, is MissRFTC implying that hammer pants have gone out of style and I should stop wearing them to bars?

  4. That place is a mini-chain based in LA and I don’t think the dress code is Venice specific. The whole place has that spray-painty look.

  5. Venice has been taken over. I can’t even believe the locals haven’t stolen this sign and beaten the yuppy owner with it. They probably insist on shoes too…

  6. I can’t imagine the sign is meant to be serious. Otherwise, why stop there? I should get out my can of spray paint and add:

    No Ugg boots
    No layered (short sleeve over long sleeve) t-shirts
    No 70’s “Soul Train” urban funk caps
    No shoulder bag Chihuahua pet carriers
    No 80’s skinny jeans
    No Crocs


  7. Sounds like they are just trying to keep out the gang bangers and I can’t say that I blame them. The Boardwalk can get a bit sketchy around twilight.

  8. Once you’re on Washington, it’s no longer Venice. It’s the Marina peninsula. Which explains a lot.

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