Questionable Bumper Sticker of the Day

img_1409While stopped at a red light in Playa today, I spotted this bumper sticker on the back of a typical suburban Volvo XC90.  The bumper sticker, located on the lower right rear portion of the hatch, read:


Did this vehicle just come from some military theater?  Or is the sticker supposed to be a joke, an edgier version of the Yosemite Sam “Back Off!” truck mud flaps?  Because if it was supposed to be funny, I didn’t think it was.

4 thoughts on “Questionable Bumper Sticker of the Day”

  1. I actually have a distaste for all bumperstickers. Why? To illustrate some point of view? To tell or enlighten the world? Make a dumb or even clever joke? Yawn. Even if I agree with the sentiment I see, tacky nevertheless. So, at best tacky, at worst loserville trailertrash. Even the triple A sticker, unnecessary.

    Not to metion most stickers now are applied to the paint of the bumper, even more tacky, if you must the rear window please, for your sake and resale value alone.

    But whatever.

  2. Nathan, I take it you’re not a big fan of personalized license plates either? Out here, we seem to have a plethora of both. I see a lot of plates of the “HOTBLOND” or “ENTMOGUL” variety.

  3. Those stickers are miniature reproductions of the large signs commonly attached to the back of the tail-end vehicle in American military convoys in Iraq.

    The convoys don’t like being passed, because of the chance that any random vehicle might have a car bomb on board.

    The stickers are sold in miltary PXs as souvenirs.

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