Random Valley Front Yard of the Day: 3.15.09

Found in the east Valley (gets hella bigger with a click):
random valley front yard of the day 3.15.09

I particularly enjoy the hard horizontal line of the edge of the roof, occasionally broken as an awning extends forward; the vibrant blue of the stucco; how the grey of the roof matches the windows in shadow; and, of course, the grid of thoughtfully-placed lawn ornaments, almost as though a tiny little cemetery had been built into the front yard & each grave marked by a fake Canada goose or potted plant.

Behind the jump, a gem of a find…:camelliasside-yard-with-camelliasDirectly across the street from the RVFYOTD above was a small, low-slung white house with an un-fenced side yard bursting with fruit trees just beginning to blossom, and camellias like this one in the full flush of blooming.

Even in the dry, flat, hellish furnace that is Van Nuys/North Hollywood, this little strip of verdant garden lowered my blood pressure–and the ambient temperature–by about 15 points.

Check out the fab foliage up close with a click to embiggen.

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4 thoughts on “Random Valley Front Yard of the Day: 3.15.09”

  1. I think this may be my favorite RVFYOTD yet. Love the colors and lines. Is that a converted garage those cars are parked in front of? I think so. Extra bedroom, or potentially a store-front for the psychic and/or tailor business run out of the front of the house?

  2. Love this! There are so many things that scream VALLEY about this house:

    1) The monster box of a swampcooler on the roof, because who cares if it looks like crap on the outside as long as it keeps things cool on the inside.

    2) The converted garage into either separate or additional living space, because who needs to cover their car in SoCal!?

    3) That parking space behind the fire hydrant. It might be awkward to get in and out of but it’s hella better than wasting the front yard on yard.

  3. I absolutely love that yard, but the far left parking space must be tough to get out of at times. Unless you are DUI and could care less there is a hydrant there! Of course all the blooming plant material is adding something else to it. Love it.

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