ICME:insecure trash can with a warning.

insecure-trash-canThis is at the DMV office in West Covina.  It is 3 inch thick concrete and its somehow not secure? Yes, I understand its all about identity theft it just struck me odd on a can that is so secure it couldn’t be lifted and could not imagine someone dumpster diving in the skanky mess.  The sad part is that something must have happened for the DMV to even post such a warning in so many languages in the first place.   Curious, who all shreds out there to protect themselves now?

Pick by me with the trusty cell cam, it does get bigger with a click.

5 thoughts on “ICME:insecure trash can with a warning.”

  1. shredd or burn in the firepit in the backyard. Of course living in Sylmar we would usually wait till a cold cloudy day to burn the bills. But there isn’t much left to catch on fire in my neighbourhood.

  2. Dumpster diving in a ‘swanky mess’ is well worth it for several thousand dollars profit. (easily) I could get out of a credit card in your name.

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