Hawk arrives, parrots leave – score one for the natives

hawkarariveIt started with the shrill battle cry and a flurry of activity in the sky yesterday afternoon.   My nesting pair of hawks returned to my ‘hood.  The cries at first were that of 3 Hawks chasing away parrots that have been trying to turn my ‘hood into their breeding ground for the last several winters.  The parrots left, score one for the native birds.

By late afternoon the cries shifted to more melodic and rhythmic shrieks in the tree next door to me.  It was the mating cry with two males courting the one female.  I don’t know which one succeeded, but the female was the lone occupant of the tree at dusk.  I managed to grab one shot of her basking in the final rays of the setting sun just before 7 last night.  (The pic will get bigger with a click).

I really enjoy watching nature and the natives flourish in spite of man’s dominance of the region.  Of course their arrival means that Spring has officially arrived in the Foothills.

2 thoughts on “Hawk arrives, parrots leave – score one for the natives”

  1. I spied a Cooper’s Hawk flying over our backyard this morning with a sizeable twig in its beak. I’m hoping the nest is nearby and within a sightline.

    Glad order’s been restored with the raptors’ return to your hood. Looking forward to more photos.

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