ICME: Creative Cars

One of the best things about Los Angeles is that we have such a diverse pool of creative people here.  It seems that people from all over the country, in fact all over the world, come here to get their creative groove on. Whether it is the actor who comes here to follow his or her dream of “making it” in Hollywood, or even just the average Joe whose creative streak runs a little too wide for middle America and moves to L.A. so as to no longer be viewed as “weird.” We tend to be fairly accepting of all manner of creative types. Our motto could easily be, “Los Angeles: Come here and let your freak flag fly!”

Gets bigger with a little massage of your mouse. Click it!
Gets bigger with a little massage of your mouse. Click it!

I was in Burbank the other day and came across this piece of automotive expressionism. Wow! Someone clearly took a lot of time with this one. Take a look at that flock of birds flying down the driver’s side. Although I didn’t get a close up of all of those bumper stickers, as far as you know one of them may read, “My other car is the Partridge Family bus.”

But wait. There’s more! Follow me past the jump to see another car that I also found in Burbank the following day.

On Saturday I was back in Burbank to help some friends move. As the Uhaul pulled to a stop in front of their new place, what should be parked out front but this beauty…

There are a lot of details in there. Click the pic to see 'em.
There are a lot of details in there. Click the pic to see 'em.

This one you have to click to see the full view with the left and right sides of the car included. When I saw this, I experienced (to a slightly lesser degree) queequeg’s sticker shock. They were everywhere. They stretched down one side, around the back, and back up the other side. They may have told a story, though I had trouble picking up the plot.

My guess is that the regular driver of this car imagines him/herself as “One Swanky Cat.” Perhaps a nickname for the usual passenger is “Big Tikiman.” Their individual stories stretch down each side of the car, coming together on the trunk and rear window.

Whatever the real story is behind the decoration of each of these cars, the owners are expressing the creativity within. It makes them happy, and hopefully spreads a little of that happiness (even if it’s just a giggle and “OMG!”) each time someone sees them on the road. I say more power to ’em; glad they chose L.A. as the place to fly their flags.

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