Ballona Creek Bikeway Closure: Or How 7 Months Becomes 39

Last July I posted about newly installed signage announcing the closure until February 2009 of the Ballona Creek Bikeway from its inland-most terminus beside McManus Park at National Boulevard to Duquesne Street in Culver City.

bcbikeWell of course that seven-month timeframe came and went and has now entered its eighth month, and seeing as the closure is tied in to continuing work on the Metro Expo Line bridge passing over the creek, it’s no surprise that section of bikeway is still off limits. At the same time I figured we might be getting close to a re-opening, mightn’t we?

Not even. Upon entering the bikeway at Duquesne for my westward creekside stretch across it to Inglewood Avenue  I found that someone presumably with the MTA had spun the deadline slot machine and the new date for the next revised closure date renewed access is (image is clickably embiggenable if required):

That’s right folks, November 2011 is apparently the next month and year we’ll be able to ride that entirely unremarkable section of the bikeway. At only 32 months beyond the eight it’s been closed already, I’d say the MTA only missed it by thaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat much.

5 thoughts on “Ballona Creek Bikeway Closure: Or How 7 Months Becomes 39”

  1. Did you know there are two tributaries to Ballona Creek? The Golf course near Beverly and Rossmore is one of them. Another is from Silverlake thatlater goes underground under 11th Street, Under Country Club Dr and joins up underground near Los Angeles High. There used to be a lake near Serrano and 11th.

    There is supposedly a Hot springs near Third and Western (some Korean Spa is using it now. I also documented a spring near Franklin Avenue and Wilton.

    Maybe some money from the Stimulus package will hurry the construction of the Metro Expo line? I think someone is saying it will be completed a lot later than 2011.

  2. I don’t know how I missed this one. Just a few weeks ago, I went to the entrance for Ballona Creek thinking it openned last month. How frustating it was to see a “November” sign placed over the “Febuary” sign.

    I mean, come on………..Nine months??

  3. Take another look Lisa. Indeed it’s nine months between February and November — an interval cause for surprise in itself — but then add two more years on top of that, and that’s just insane!

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