Lance Armstrong And Me And Several Hundred Of His Biggest Fans Go For A Ride, Party

hraWhilst certain Metbloggers who shall remain namelessSeanBonner had to resort to renegade tactics involvingĀ  media credentials and ride crashing, some of us far less skilled in shenanigans managed to legitimately participate in the Nike-sponsored Hope Rides Again ride across Hollywood with Lance Armstrong and its subsequent after-party at the Ricardo Montalban Theater on Vine Street — all of it to promote the seven-time Tour de France champion’s LiveStrong Foundation and his efforts to find a cure for cancer.

Once home after the eventĀ  I found that I’d lost my digicam’s memory card, but on a hunch and a prayer returned to the theater today and somewhat miraculously found it on the floor by the seat I’d occupied. Hope does indeed Ride Again, and so does another of my infamous thumbnail collages above (substantially biggifiable if clicked), as well as my handlbarcam timelapse of the 2-mile bike ride from Childrens Hospital at Sunset and Vermont to the Montalban at Ivar Selma and Vine, below:


I won’t belabor this post with what an awesome experience it was other than to say what an awesome experience it was. The Flickr photoset is here. And after the jump is anotherĀ  YouTube embed of part of the speech Lance gave after being introduced by comedian Ben Stiller. Artist Shepard Fairey, who put up a fantastic mural of Lance iconography on the south wall of the theater, came out onstage for a chat with Lance, and the musical guest was Ben Harper.


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  1. Great video. I’ll bet it really was an awesome experience. Glad to hear the memory card turned up.

  2. I was there also. I took video from a helmetcam from mid-pack which I will get online tonight. Next time we can meet!

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