Calling all dorks! Dorkbot meeting at Machine Project on Sunday, 3/8.

not_dorkbotAre you, or have you ever been, a dork?

The Southern California chapter of Dorkbot, a group that describes itself as “people doing strange things with electricity, mostly in Los Angeles,” is doing it’s semi-monthly meeting thingy at Machine Project on Sunday, March 8, at 1:00 pm.

And since you’re a dork, you’ve probably already set your digital watches to adjust to Daylight Savings, right?

For its meeting, Dorkbot will present Dan Goods, who, as a “Visual Strategist” at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Lab, might just have the world’s coolest gig. In his job, Goods helps creatively communicate complex cellestial concepts both to the general public and to his science and engineering colleagues. He’s also a fine artist and the curator of Data + Art: Science and Art in the Age of Information, currently on view at the Pasadena Museum of California Art.

Also appearing at Dorkbot will be Eric Gradman and Brent Bushnell of Mindshare Labs, a group dedicated to “helping people play with themselves, and others,” who will present Artfall, a dynamic physical simulation by drawing on a whiteboard. And Brian O’Connor will show us what happens when you hook up a Chumby to an Arduino.

Say what? Look, they call it Dorkbot for a reason.

Image: No, Los Angeles, that is not Dorkbot. Photo by culturalelite.

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