Hell Yeah! Who in the 26th State Senate District Is Up For Another Election!?

No I’m not talking about the Weiss v. Trutanich run-off for city attorney. In my mailbox yesterday — just two freakin’ days after this last election — I find yet another¬† official sample ballot, this one for the “26th State Senate District Special Primary Election,” scheduled for March 24.

Owing to how only a whopping 15% of those voters registered bothered to cast ballots Tuesday, I get the feeling this race might literally be decided by one of the eight candidates’ mothers.

Seeing as these election things cost MONEY, which my city/county/state is in reeeeeeeeally short supply of right now, and seeing how it is taking place a mere 21 days after the last one, here’s what I wanna know: Why the hell wasn’t this election combined with the one we just had. Sure, there are no doubt chapter-and-verse regulations and rules that clearly lay out the logical and bureaucratic reasons for keeping the two ballots inefficiently separate, but I’ll tell ya: as a diehard chronic and habitual voter it’s getting dangerously close to the point where you can stick a fork in me because I. Am. Done.

I’m also guessing that if none of this field pull a majority of the votes, we’ll have yet another election between the top two finishers —¬† and it’ll probably be three weeks to the day after the city attorney run-off.

For answers I went to the Los Angeles County Registrar-Recorder/County Clerk’s website at lavote.net and clicked on the 26th State Senate District Special Primary Election – Fact Sheet. Not surprisingly I got their equivalent of 404 error — which I predict will be the number of voters who go to the polls March 24.

UPDATE: Looks like the County Registrar fixed the link. Turns out the state senate elections gonna cost an estimated $2.2 million, but the good news any run-off vote will take place May 19, the same date scheduled for the City Attorney and 5th District council seats.

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