Coop at Stinkers tonight – for reals

In case you missed last week, I posted that Coop would be DJ-ing at Silver Lake’s newest hotspot, Stinkers.

Enterainment at Stinkers
Entertainment at Stinkers

Well, as luck would have it, Coop took ill about 5pm and although he sent his iPod (and technically he DID present the evening’s music) he wasn’t actually on the premises.

Tonight, however, the fever’s broken and he’s rarin’ to go.

See you there?

Stinkers is on Sunset in Silver Lake, 2939 W. Sunset Blvd, across from Cafe Tropical, and the fun starts around 10pm.

4 thoughts on “Coop at Stinkers tonight – for reals”

  1. I misread your post initially and thought it said, “Cops at Stinkers Tonight!” Ha! I live very close to there so may pop in.

  2. I’d love to pop in too, but unfortunately its a school night and am up early with the kidlets and functioning to get them to school…at 6am if I sleep in.

  3. I didn’t make it last week, but apparently I wasn’t the only one. This is only a couple of blocks away. Will I make it this week? Gonna try.

  4. I’d go for Coop, but otherwise despite me being a stone’s slingshot away from Stinkers, we have a mutually exclusive arrangement: they can keep that fuming-skunk-ass decorative motif (so well-illustrated in the post’s pic), and I’ll keep buying my beer at the liquor store next door.

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